Carriage signs partnership with Stormspell Records to release their debut album

Carriage has just signed a deal with famed label Stormspell Records to release their debut album and couldn't be more excited! Details of the date of release will be coming out soon as well as plans for a vinyl release after the initial CD release. The album will also be released on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Itunes in the near future. For more from Stormspell Records check out the link by clicking the picture!

Carriage Uploads First Song From Debut Album "Visions"


Carriage unveils their first song from upcoming debut "Visions" titled "Primal Ritual", streaming now on YouTube.

Vocalist Robbie Rainey says, "This track was a great example of the tone and the excitement behind this upcoming debut release. We are thrilled to share it with all of you prior to the full album release, now stop reading this and listen to it!"


Carriage Collaborates With Artist Mario Lopez On Debut Album Cover


Previously, members Robbie Rainey and Michael Martin had worked Mario Lopez on their past project Possessor for their demo, City Built with Skulls album, and Make Them Eat Metal EP. When it came time to come up with a concept for the album artwork, for the debut album "Visions" in their new project Carriage, it was a no brainer to go back and enlist this immense talent to present the perfect idea behind this concept. He far exceeded their expectations, as the realism and atmosphere he was able to conjure up was spot on. Click below to see his website, view his other projects, and for contact information.

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